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#1 2014-01-22 02:41:54

From: PowneeVeel
Registered: 2013-08-04
Posts: 103

[0.9.1b] Failed Scout

You were defeated.
In the following years, Queen Menace has repelled every assault on her fortress and grew in power until she became the true Goddess of Nightmares. Nopony could ever sleep safe since. Actually, this was true until Pinkie invented a time machine and everything sort of didn't happen, but this is another story.

Silly Filly, a Changeling Scout spent 76 turn(s) reaching level III.
You score was 120.

At the end of your journey you had 17 attack and -29 of 32 health remaining. You had 25 bits in your purse.

Your only possession was the Spoon.

Last in-game messages:
You hit with your hooves! (17 DMG)
Changeling takes your form. You are VERY confused! (33 DMG)
You strike first.
You lose...
Game log:
9: Silly Filly killed Flying Hoof[1].
15: Silly Filly killed Flying Hoof[1].
21: Silly Filly killed Windigo[1].
21: Silly Filly learned something.
22: Silly Filly purchuased Spoon.
26: Silly Filly killed Windigo[1].
45: Silly Filly was WEAKEN!
45: Silly Filly killed Duster[2].
50: Silly Filly found Corruption trap.
50: Silly Filly was CORRUPTION!
51: Silly Filly found Treasure!.
52: Silly Filly found Corruption trap.
52: Silly Filly was CORRUPTION!
58: Silly Filly killed Duster[2].
58: Silly Filly learned something.
62: Silly Filly killed Diamond Dog[3].
75: Silly Filly was MANA DRAIN!
76: Silly Filly failed the Quest.


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