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#1 2016-03-22 04:04:45

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[0.9.6] Corrupted Alchemist

I realized about 2 seconds after buying bloodthirster that the zebras gain corruption from life steal. I decided to go all in with the corruption buying the moon sickle and another bloodthirster. I ended up having so much life steal that I healed all of my damage upon doing the final blow.

You are victorious!

You have found the Element of Cuteness. Congratulations! You won!
You shall be known at CuteFilly hereafter.

Silly Filly, a Zebra Alchemist spent 399 turn(s) reaching level X.

You achieved something special: Prescience.
You score was 1044.

At the end of your journey you had 123 attack and 84 of 84 health remaining. You were corrupted. You had 9 bits in your purse.

You possessed following items: Cauldron, Cute Sticker, Farmer`s hat, Moon Sickle, Worn Saddle, Cute Sticker, Bloodthrister, Bloodthrister.

Last in-game messages:

You slash with Moon Sickle. Enemy is corrupted! (121 DMG, +48 lifesteal)

Twisted life-breath you absorb, from another's pain your black stripes glow.

You strike first.

You are victorious!
Game log:
2: Silly Filly found Treasure!.
7: Silly Filly killed Flying Hoof[1].
26: Silly Filly killed Diamond Guard[1].
52: Silly Filly killed Diamond Guard[1].
52: Silly Filly learned something.
59: Silly Filly casted Talisman of the warrior!
59: Silly Filly killed Diamond Guard[1].
61: Silly Filly killed Diamond Guard[1].
63: Silly Filly killed Diamond Guard[1].
70: Silly Filly killed Diamond Guard[1].
71: Silly Filly found Treasure!.
88: Silly Filly killed Duster[2].
98: Silly Filly killed Diamond Guard[3].
98: Silly Filly learned something.
108: Silly Filly used Cauldron.
119: Silly Filly killed Amber Mole[3].
129: Silly Filly found Ruined Library.
136: Silly Filly killed Foal fiddler[3].
136: Silly Filly learned something.
141: Silly Filly found Treasure!.
144: Silly Filly killed Amber Mole[2].
147: Silly Filly killed Wrabbit[2].
154: Silly Filly killed Magic Vortex[1].
163: Silly Filly killed Fillyfooler[3].
166: Silly Filly killed Diamond Dog[1].
166: Silly Filly learned something.
170: Silly Filly used Cauldron.
171: Silly Filly killed Diamond Dog[2].
173: Silly Filly killed Amber Mole[4].
177: Silly Filly used Cauldron.
177: Silly Filly purchased Cute Sticker.
177: Silly Filly purchased Farmer`s hat.
177: Silly Filly purchased Cute Sticker.
212: Silly Filly killed Changeling Mage[4].
233: Silly Filly killed Flying Hoof[5].
233: Silly Filly learned something.
237: Silly Filly killed Flying Hoof[5].
247: Silly Filly killed Parasprite[4].
248: Silly Filly killed Parasprite[3].
256: Silly Filly found Small pool.
267: Silly Filly killed Wrabbit[5].
267: Silly Filly learned something.
269: Silly Filly purchased Bloodthrister.
269: Silly Filly purchased Worn Saddle.
277: Silly Filly was CORRUPTED!
277: Silly Filly killed Changeling Mage[6].
293: Silly Filly was CORRUPTED!
293: Silly Filly killed Lesser Changeling[6].
296: Silly Filly was CORRUPTED!
296: Silly Filly killed Amber Mole[6].
296: Silly Filly learned something.
299: Silly Filly was CORRUPTED!
299: Silly Filly killed Wrabbit[2].
315: Silly Filly was MANA DRAINED!
316: Silly Filly was CORRUPTED!
316: Silly Filly killed Fillyfooler[7].
320: Silly Filly was POISONED!
321: Silly Filly was CORRUPTED!
321: Silly Filly killed Lil' Hydra[7].
349: Silly Filly was CORRUPTED!
349: Silly Filly killed Diamond Dog[7].
349: Silly Filly learned something.
350: Silly Filly purchased Moon Sickle.
352: Silly Filly was CORRUPTED!
352: Silly Filly killed Amber Mole[8].
371: Silly Filly killed Timberwolf[8].
379: Silly Filly was CURSED!
380: Silly Filly was CORRUPTED!
380: Silly Filly killed Wild Brony[8].
380: Silly Filly was CORRUPTED!
380: Silly Filly learned something.
381: Silly Filly purchased Bloodthrister.
398: Silly Filly confronted Changeling.
399: Silly Filly was CORRUPTED!
399: Silly Filly killed Changeling[10].

I wish I could show you the replay but I just found a bug that broke the replay...

Once, just once, I wish things would go according to the gorram plan!


#2 2016-07-21 23:36:06

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Re: [0.9.6] Corrupted Alchemist

Trust me, you're not the first to end up exploiting it: http://forum.ponyrl.com/viewtopic.php?id=826

As you lose consciousness,  changelings sing "You are dead! Dead! Dead! You are dead! Dead! Dead!"
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