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Custom Maps

Currently we do not have an editor but we have an opportunity to include your custom maps in the game.

What is a custom map?
Custom map is a map that can be found on the second page of Quests. Custom map is semi-random, can include NPCs, quest elements, different enemies and/or mechanics and such.

What does it mean?
1. You think about uber-cool custom map that will provide an awesome game experience.
2. You speak with us about your ideas.
3. We respond with something like `yeah, yeah, now get us the details!`
4. You provide us with details.
5. We spend an unbearable amount of time coding that map.
6. We all spend an unbearable amount of time testing it.
7. Voila! It is in game now.

What do we need to make your custom map?

Map name
No explanations here.

Map description
A few sentences for player that he/she will see when choosing your map.

Map itself
Map is a square grid that looks like http://pastebin.com/GdJhmCiT
  # is a wall
  . is a floor
  @ - your starting position
And you'll have to explain everything else.

Use either English or Russian language to explain it. Let's take the Barn series.
"You play as BigMac, who needs to move piles of hay into designated places. You can not attack them, you can only push them like in Sokoban. And oh, no diagonal movement either! Finishing points may  be done as traps."

Custom details that do not exist in game
"There should be doors and some new kind of floor. Doors function just like walls and floor should be colored in pink, that's all."

Any other scripts/descriptions/dialogues
"When you come to Malice, you are presented with a choice - either you will follow her or die. Her reply on your first adjacent move is: '.....'. If you attack her, she replies with: '.....'."
Also you are welcome to include any code snippets that may be useful for us.

What's next?
Once you think you get all the information, contact us on forum - make a new thread in Gameplay section.
If your map will be implemented, we will make a branch of game with your map included and all achievements unlocked, so you can test it. After some polishing, map may be added to the main branch and made available for all players.

Some things to consider
1. English is our primary language now. Please provide all in-game descriptions on this language.
2. No swearing, no sex, no drugs, rock-n-roll is allowed though.
3. No canonical characters, we do not want to risk a suit from Hasbro.
4. Please stick to the setting. WWII map where you play as Ditzy Boo sniping axis soldiers may be cool, but it isn't meant for PonyRL.
5. Approval may (and will) take some time.


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