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#1 Флудилка » Письмо игре » 2019-12-13 13:24:48

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Спи спокойно, Pony Roguelike. Ты приносила приятные мнгновения в жизни многих людей. Так жаль что тебя забыли. Я сохранил тебя на просторах github'а, возможно, кто-то захочет заняться некрофилией?

#2 Re: Gameplay » ♫I-de-a♫ » 2017-04-06 14:59:14

Excuse me? I'm not sure you were talking to me, and this forum is so slow that I wasn't even sure you would ever reply. I don't know anything about creating games or whatever, I just collect pony games and share the link to the archive online.

#3 Re: Gameplay » ♫I-de-a♫ » 2017-01-01 13:39:48

Hello, um.. This may be off-topic but I didn't find any other vivid place to write to. I collect pony games and I have a huge archive of them now. I wonder if the author don't mind to share the offline version of the game? The 0.9.6b release?

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