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Getting away with murder ♪

These are a few ways to kill enemies that are stronger then you in a relatively safe way.
1  Magic blast enemy 'a' then level up with out reveling new space on the map allowing the enemy to gain health. Advised ways to level up are by defeating enemy 'b', reading books, and/or using twilight juice. Magic attack advised is magic missile. After leveling up repeat magic blast. Your enemy will be wounded by the magic attacks before you leveled up and if you did not reveal any more of the map the injuries will stay with them. After you leveled up you will have your magic and health will be filled. Now you will be at 100% fighting ability and your enemy will not giving you an edge. {edge dose not mean you will win doing this to a level 7 enemy at level 2 will get you killed, cause of death: being dumb}
2 This method will require a lot of time and magic. Choose the alicorn race. Use the force wave on an enemy until you can't anymore. Get magic by any means. Advised to have used a potion to help with magic recovery as magic is a limited renewable resource and it will take less time this way. Keep using force wave on the same enemy do not be concerned with the enemy recovering health as each force wave drops the max health every time. Your level/damage to the enemy dose not change this effect so if you don't see the enemies health meter drop it is because the max hp goes down after damage. The enemies magic resistance will not decrease the effectiveness of the health reduction.
3 Dragons are deadly. *You don't say* Having the map reveled from the start means the enemies are highly limited on recovery. It would suck more for you if the same was true for you, fortunately you can gain health and magic by picking up gold. The gold can be from an enemy that has been defeated, laying around, or dug. More money equals more recovery. You still recover all health and magic when you level up. Your enemies don't. If you damage someone when you are level 1 the damage will stay no matter how many turns go buy, gold/items you gain, where you go, or who you beat up. I advise using magic blast to damage your enemies as they can not damage you this way making it safe for you to attack someone that would kill you in one hit. Having the map reveled and having a magic blast of some kind will allow you to damage the champion [or whoever] from the start and just rack up damage without putting your life in danger. The damage you do at low levels is not much but it never goes away.


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