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#1 2014-03-20 15:07:31

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Just a short tease...

...to show you what are we working upon now.

You look at the gloom forest..
..and see the first ray of sun touching wicked trees. Maybe this corrupted place can be cleansed after all.

Silly Filly, a Earth pony Warrior spent 592 turn(s) reaching level XI.
You score was 1032.

At the end of your journey you had 140 attack and 17 of 154 health remaining. You were really pious. You were really tough. You had 7 bits in your purse.

You possessed following items: Worn Saddle, Moon Sickle, Gas Mask, Scroll of Dash.

Last in-game messages:
You slash with Moon Sickle. Enemy is corrupted! (140 DMG)
Tentacles do.. things to you. (67 DMG)
You are victorious!


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#2 2014-03-20 18:31:57

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Re: Just a short tease...

Tentacle rape... why?

Edit: Oh, and, by the way, when can we expect this to be rolled out?

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#3 2014-03-21 23:25:50

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Re: Just a short tease...

> Tentacle rape... why?
Come on, you cant accuse us of implying anything sexual and involuntary. Maybe they are drinking tea together?

> Oh, and, by the way, when can we expect this to be rolled out?
Really soon! Or not! The moment you least expect it! Whahaha!


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