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[0.9.3] Very master much trapper so fail

Well, this game was really hard. I tried to get the Master Trapper achievement again but received nothing but pride for myself.
Rogue with 24 mana, lol.
So, at least it was really fun.


The treasure is yours!

You managed to find a rare gem you needed for your collection! Diamond is not a lie!

Veyla, a Alicorn Rogue spent 1221 turn(s) reaching level IX.
You score was 390.

At the end of your journey you had 103 attack and 115 of 115 health remaining. You had 14 bits in your purse.

You possessed following items: Worn robe, Worn robe, Revealing Dress, Wizard Cap, Voodoo Doll, Rainbow Rod.

Last in-game messages:
You hit with your hooves! The attack is magically charged. Enemy is confused by the sight of your plot. (103 DMG)
You strike first.
You are victorious!
Game log:
1: Veyla purchased Worn robe.
2: Veyla found Pit trap.
4: Veyla killed Diamond Dog[1].
6: Veyla found Pit trap.
13: Veyla casted Force push!
16: Veyla casted Force push!
17: Veyla found Treasure!.
21: Veyla casted Force push!
24: Veyla killed Magic Vortex[1].
36: Veyla casted Force push!
42: Veyla casted Force push!
52: Veyla found Ruined Library.
52: Veyla learned something.
62: Veyla killed Diamond Guard[2].
65: Veyla found Teleportation trap.
70: Veyla casted Force push!
73: Veyla casted Force push!
73: Veyla killed Ember Mole[2].
76: Veyla purchased Lariat of Draining.
76: Veyla purchased Apple Cider.
79: Veyla found Teleportation trap.
82: Veyla found Pit trap.
83: Veyla found Pit trap.
88: Veyla killed Magic Vortex[1].
90: Veyla was CURSED!
90: Veyla killed Wild Brony[1].
98: Veyla found Treasure!.
105: Veyla found Pit trap.
134: Veyla casted Force push!
136: Veyla casted Force push!
139: Veyla killed Lesser Changeling[3].
139: Veyla learned something.
141: Veyla purchased Worn robe.
158: Veyla found Treasure!.
169: Veyla killed Diamond Dog[1].
172: Veyla casted Whiiiine!
179: Veyla casted Whiiiine!
188: Veyla casted Force push!
190: Veyla casted Force push!
220: Veyla killed Diamond Dog[5].
220: Veyla learned something.
233: Veyla killed Magic Vortex[1].
242: Veyla casted Force push!
244: Veyla killed Wild Brony[1].
246: Veyla casted Whiiiine!
247: Veyla was MANA DRAINED!
248: Veyla killed Fillyfooler[5].
265: Veyla was WEAKENED!
265: Veyla killed Duster[3].
268: Veyla killed Diamond Dog[1].
271: Veyla found Pit trap.
294: Veyla killed Duster[3].
294: Veyla learned something.
296: Veyla found Teleportation trap.
313: Veyla found Teleportation trap.
315: Veyla killed Ember Mole[2].
316: Veyla casted Force push!
319: Veyla casted Force push!
320: Veyla casted Whiiiine!
326: Veyla found Teleportation trap.
339: Veyla found Pit trap.
367: Veyla casted Force Wave!
368: Veyla killed Diamond Dog[7].
394: Veyla found Teleportation trap.
402: Veyla killed Diamond Guard[1].
403: Veyla casted Force Wave!
404: Veyla was WEAKENED!
404: Veyla killed Duster[4].
404: Veyla purchased Wizard Cap.
404: Veyla purchased Sweet Lemonade.
410: Veyla found Pit trap.
421: Veyla killed Lesser Changeling[4].
421: Veyla learned something.
440: Veyla killed Magic Vortex[3].
444: Veyla casted Whiiiine!
446: Veyla casted Whiiiine!
459: Veyla killed Foal fiddler[6].
471: Veyla casted Force Wave!
474: Veyla found Teleportation trap.
490: Veyla found Teleportation trap.
500: Veyla found Teleportation trap.
531: Veyla found Teleportation trap.
531: Veyla casted Whiiiine!
535: Veyla killed Parasprite[6].
537: Veyla casted Force Wave!
537: Veyla killed Duster[1].
544: Veyla found Teleportation trap.
558: Veyla was CURSED!
559: Veyla casted Force Wave!
559: Veyla killed Wild Brony[5].
574: Veyla found Teleportation trap.
612: Veyla casted Force Wave!
612: Veyla killed Parasprite[5].
612: Veyla learned something.
621: Veyla casted Force push!
623: Veyla casted Force push!
625: Veyla casted Force push!
627: Veyla casted Force Wave!
627: Veyla used Apple Cider.
629: Veyla killed Ember Mole[7].
676: Veyla found Teleportation trap.
678: Veyla started worshipping She, Who Knew an Answer.
678: Veyla prayed and she was blessed with Mindlink.
678: Veyla prayed and she was blessed with Learn the basics.
678: Veyla prayed and she was blessed with Affinity.
718: Veyla casted Whiiiine!
720: Veyla casted Magic Missile!
751: Veyla killed Windigo[7].
753: Veyla was CURSED!
753: Veyla killed Wild Brony[2].
755: Veyla found Pit trap.
777: Veyla sacrificed Sweet Lemonade to please gods!
777: Veyla sacrificed Lariat of Draining to please gods!
777: Veyla prayed and she was blessed with Recharge.
778: Veyla casted Magic Missile!
779: Veyla casted Magic Missile!
780: Veyla casted Magic Missile!
780: Veyla killed Fillyfooler[6].
780: Veyla learned something.
805: Veyla casted Whiiiine!
838: Veyla found Pit trap.
862: Veyla casted Force push!
870: Veyla casted Force push!
870: Veyla killed Lesser Changeling[8].
870: Veyla purchased Voodoo Doll.
873: Veyla found Gems.
880: Veyla found Gems.
902: Veyla found Gems.
912: Veyla found Small pool.
919: Veyla found Small pool.
919: Veyla purchased Revealing Dress.
920: Veyla killed Lesser Changeling[6].
927: Veyla killed Parasprite[4].
963: Veyla killed Parasprite[5].
993: Veyla casted Magic Missile!
994: Veyla killed Diamond Dog[8].
994: Veyla purchased Rainbow Rod.
1012: Veyla found Small pool.
1037: Veyla killed Ember Mole[4].
1063: Veyla found Gems.
1121: Veyla casted Magic Missile!
1122: Veyla killed Fillyfooler[8].
1122: Veyla learned something.
1133: Veyla found Teleportation trap.
1155: Veyla found Teleportation trap.
1181: Veyla found Pit trap.
1183: Veyla casted Force push!
1184: Veyla casted Magic Missile!
1185: Veyla casted Magic Missile!
1185: Veyla prayed and she was blessed with Affinity.
1186: Veyla found Pit trap.
1220: Veyla casted Magic Missile!
1221: Veyla confronted Diamond Dog.
1221: Veyla killed Diamond Dog[10].

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