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#1 2014-03-24 23:08:47

Retired Spam Killer and Corruption Enthusiast
From: Stallion Square, Equestria
Registered: 2013-09-26
Posts: 65

[0.9.3]Fighting fire with fire in the hive! (Bug-swatter run)

Being evil is just way too much fun.

You look at the deserted Hive..

..changelings will not plague this land anymore.

BinaryPony, a Earth pony Wizard spent 496 turn(s) reaching level X.

You achieved something special: Bug-swatter.
You score was 1233.

At the end of your journey you had 190 attack and 2 of 34 health remaining. You were corrupted. You were really tough. You had 19 bits in your purse.

You possessed following items: Spoon, Worn robe, Farmer's hat, Worn Saddle, Gas Mask, Moon Sickle, Zebra Charm, Cute Sticker, Blood Gem.

Last in-game messages:

You slash with Moon Sickle. Enemy is corrupted! (190 DMG, +28 lifesteal)

You feel your will vanishing and a growing wish to submit to this creature. (59 DMG)

You are victorious!
Game log:
11: BinaryPony casted Attack!
12: BinaryPony killed Changeling Mage[1].
12: BinaryPony casted Attack!
16: BinaryPony casted Attack!
17: BinaryPony killed Changeling Mage[1].
17: BinaryPony casted Attack!
19: BinaryPony casted Attack!
26: BinaryPony found Teleportation trap.
30: BinaryPony found Pit trap.
33: BinaryPony found Teleportation trap.
49: BinaryPony found Treasure!.
70: BinaryPony found Teleportation trap.
75: BinaryPony killed Lesser Changeling[1].
75: BinaryPony learned something.
75: BinaryPony casted Attack!
83: BinaryPony found Pit trap.
87: BinaryPony purchuased Worn robe.
87: BinaryPony purchuased Farmer's hat.
87: BinaryPony purchuased Spoon.
88: BinaryPony found Teleportation trap.
95: BinaryPony killed Lesser Changeling[2].
95: BinaryPony casted Attack!
99: BinaryPony casted Attack!
107: BinaryPony killed Lesser Changeling[3].
107: BinaryPony learned something.
107: BinaryPony casted Attack!
117: BinaryPony casted Attack!
131: BinaryPony found Pit trap.
132: BinaryPony killed Lesser Changeling[3].
132: BinaryPony casted Attack!
162: BinaryPony found Pit trap.
165: BinaryPony casted Attack!
174: BinaryPony found Corruption trap.
174: BinaryPony was CORRUPTED!
178: BinaryPony killed Lesser Changeling[1].
178: BinaryPony casted Attack!
179: BinaryPony purchuased Moon Sickle.
180: BinaryPony found Pit trap.
183: BinaryPony found Treasure!.
196: BinaryPony casted Attack!
215: BinaryPony killed Lesser Changeling[3].
215: BinaryPony was CORRUPTED!
215: BinaryPony learned something.
215: BinaryPony casted Attack!
217: BinaryPony killed Lesser Changeling[4].
217: BinaryPony casted Attack!
231: BinaryPony killed Changeling Mage[2].
231: BinaryPony casted Attack!
233: BinaryPony killed Changeling Enchanter[4].
233: BinaryPony was CORRUPTED!
233: BinaryPony learned something.
233: BinaryPony casted Attack!
233: BinaryPony purchuased Worn Saddle.
241: BinaryPony killed Changeling Mage[2].
241: BinaryPony casted Attack!
243: BinaryPony found Corruption trap.
243: BinaryPony was CORRUPTED!
245: BinaryPony killed Lesser Changeling[2].
245: BinaryPony casted Attack!
251: BinaryPony killed Changeling Enchanter[5].
251: BinaryPony casted Attack!
270: BinaryPony killed Changeling[5].
270: BinaryPony was CORRUPTED!
270: BinaryPony learned something.
270: BinaryPony casted Attack!
270: BinaryPony purchuased Zebra Charm.
293: BinaryPony killed Lesser Changeling[6].
293: BinaryPony casted Attack!
307: BinaryPony killed Changeling[6].
307: BinaryPony casted Attack!
316: BinaryPony found Gems.
318: BinaryPony found Pit trap.
322: BinaryPony found Pit trap.
324: BinaryPony found Corruption trap.
324: BinaryPony was CORRUPTED!
327: BinaryPony killed Changeling Enchanter[4].
327: BinaryPony was CORRUPTED!
327: BinaryPony learned something.
327: BinaryPony casted Attack!
327: BinaryPony purchuased Gas Mask.
330: BinaryPony killed Lesser Changeling[3].
330: BinaryPony casted Attack!
358: BinaryPony killed Changeling Enchanter[6].
358: BinaryPony casted Attack!
361: BinaryPony was CURSED!
361: BinaryPony casted Attack!
362: BinaryPony killed Changeling[7].
362: BinaryPony was CORRUPTED!
362: BinaryPony learned something.
362: BinaryPony casted Attack!
362: BinaryPony purchuased Cute Sticker.
366: BinaryPony was MANA DRAINED!
366: BinaryPony casted Attack!
367: BinaryPony killed Changeling[8].
367: BinaryPony casted Attack!
384: BinaryPony found Corruption trap.
384: BinaryPony was CORRUPTED!
385: BinaryPony found Teleportation trap.
418: BinaryPony found Corruption trap.
418: BinaryPony was CORRUPTED!
419: BinaryPony killed Lesser Changeling[4].
419: BinaryPony casted Attack!
422: BinaryPony found Corruption trap.
422: BinaryPony was CORRUPTED!
425: BinaryPony found Corruption trap.
425: BinaryPony was CORRUPTED!
427: BinaryPony found Teleportation trap.
429: BinaryPony casted Attack!
431: BinaryPony killed Changeling[10].
431: BinaryPony was CORRUPTED!
431: BinaryPony learned something.
431: BinaryPony casted Attack!
449: BinaryPony casted Magic Missile!
450: BinaryPony confronted Changeling Mage.
450: BinaryPony casted Attack!
455: BinaryPony found Small pool.
455: BinaryPony purchuased Blood Gem.
467: BinaryPony killed Changeling Mage[8].
467: BinaryPony casted Attack!
473: BinaryPony killed Changeling[8].
473: BinaryPony casted Attack!
484: BinaryPony killed Changeling Enchanter[7].
484: BinaryPony was CORRUPTED!
484: BinaryPony learned something.
484: BinaryPony casted Attack!
496: BinaryPony killed Changeling Mage[11].

As you lose consciousness,  changelings sing "You are dead! Dead! Dead! You are dead! Dead! Dead!"
Check me out on Braingle, and enjoy awesome brain teasers!


#2 2014-03-24 23:19:26

Registered: 2013-08-02
Posts: 255

Re: [0.9.3]Fighting fire with fire in the hive! (Bug-swatter run)

+28 lifesteal
190 DMG

But... but... poor Changeling.


#3 2014-03-25 09:47:32

Registered: 2013-08-02
Posts: 48

Re: [0.9.3]Fighting fire with fire in the hive! (Bug-swatter run)

I don't get it. How did you win with 34 max health???


#4 2014-03-25 10:22:05

Registered: 2013-08-02
Posts: 48

Re: [0.9.3]Fighting fire with fire in the hive! (Bug-swatter run)

Ahhh, now I get it. Lifesteal gave you the temp HP to survive that 59 DMG attack.

*murmurs to himself* was it even intended?


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