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#1 2016-10-21 12:51:47

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Do you see what I see?

I like the look you have for the changelings I would like to tell you about the gryphons but I can't see them. What I do see in the space where they should be is a little box in the upper left or the area with a 'x' thing in it. The picture for the trickster and farmer are nice. I have played a few levels using them and have not found any special names as of yet. So far the classes and jobs don't have any skills or changes to the status as the other classes or races have, with the exception of the gryphons which have flying. The changelings don't for some odd reason. Being shape shifters they should be able to change into something that can fly. Of cores they don't need to as they already have wings. Using the combo of class and races I have over the countless times I have played I can tell you that some combos are better then others. The worst is not changeling and farmer/trickster despite not having anything going for them. The worst is dragon and scout. Scouts gain power by uncovering new land and start with knowledge of the land. Dragons have the whole map from the start negating the scouts perks completely leaving only the drawback of -10% to taking damage from physical and magical attacks. The best of course is alicorn alchemist student ☺


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