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#1 Re: Archive » [CAN'T REPRODUCE][0.9.1] Descriptions at wrong places » 2014-01-16 01:18:01

Found it.

Your fix didn't work.
So I tested Chrome and it worked.
So I tested Firefox in safe mode and it worked.
So I deactivated my extensions one by one.

It was coming from the Avast! Online Security extension for some reason.

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#3 Archive » [CAN'T REPRODUCE][0.9.1] Descriptions at wrong places » 2014-01-15 14:40:23

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When I put the mouse over "wizard" or "earth pony" in the menu, the description is incomplete. For "earth pony", it's just "earth pony / Inflexible / Strudy (sic)".
But weirder, when I put it over anything else like "unicorn" or "diamond mines", I obtain achievements as description.
Shop items have only the name, if it's a consumable and an occasional "+2". At one point I thought it was just the font being white.

I guess it's simply still a "work in progress" but just in case I erased my cookies and F5'd, to no avail.

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